Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feelin Groovy

I'm really pumped cuz I kicked ass on my Physiology exam. I'm so excited and happy about this. Plus my sister is visiting me here in DC tomorrow. She'll be staying with me for a week and then we'll head back home to Texas together. Things are looking awesome.

I finished watching Sleeper Cell season 2. This show is great cuz it shows Muslims of all races, ethnicities, sexes, and even (gasp!) sexual orientation. I find it funny that the 2 Iraqi Sunni characters are played by Shi'a about your opposites. And what makes it funnier was that one of them was mistaken for an Iranian on the show itself. The show points out a lot of different issues and personal struggles that American Muslims have to deal with. One of my favorite lines is when Darwin, the undercover FBI agent pictured here, has a terrorist at gunpoint --

Terrorist: What kind of a true Muslim works for America?
Darwin: I don't work for America. I am an American.

I was like, hell yeah! Darwin is a great metaphor for American Muslims who have to live in the shadow of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. He illustrates the constant struggle between the confidence that they are wrong, the scary feeling that you can identify with them on some level, and the guilt of that identification. He knows that the only way to stop the fanatics who have hijacked his religion is to become one of them and play their game - even if it ultimately means going on his own suicide mission.