Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It is a new day in America. I am proud to say that I voted for the first African-American president of the United States, Barack Obama! This is a historic night. Tonight, my generation united to make change and end the darkness our country has been in the past eight years. We stood up to an administration that controlled our lives through fear and lies. We finally have a president who will serve with dignity as a symbol of who an American really is. Barack was born a child of an immigrant, raised in a household where he looked different from everyone else in his family, studied hard and received the best education, chose to serve his community instead of looking for a big salary, and finally chose to stand up and serve his country when we needed him the most. President Obama is an inspiration - we can become anything that we want to be. He has changed the face America presents to the world and replaces our redneck cowboy image with cosmopolitan intelligence. From now on, everything will change. We're saved and out of the darkness, and I can't wait to see where President Obama will take us.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Britney's back!!!

It's no secret that I'm a huge Britney fan, and even less of a secret that she been crazy the past few years. Well, Britney countered back last Friday and, in her words, she's "got your crazy." Her new video for "Womanizer" premiered on 20/20, and it is awesome! She's looking hot, and the first thing you see is her showing off her svelte new bod. This is definitely a must-see. I'm hoping that the return of Britney is a sign of returning to 1999-2000; back when life was good, the economy was in surplus, and America was safe and on top. New Britney + new president = a bright and happy future for America!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Michael Phelps: 8 in 08

Some of you may remember my Michael Phelps post from 2004. Reading it now, I realize that not much has changed at all. Michael is still "humble, cute, fit, kind, determined, and a team player," except now he's the GREATEST OLYMPIAN EVER! That's right, Michael has done what no one has ever done before: win 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. And he has more gold medals than any Olympian in the history of the modern games. And he's not even done! He's going to compete in London in 2012 and no doubt get even more medals.

Not only am I so proud of him, but since 2004 I have felt this connection with him. These past four years were like Olympic training for medical school. And now that I am here, I am actually achieving the goals that I had made for myself in childhood. In 2012, I will graduate from medical school and become a doctor, which to me is the ultimate gold medal. Michael and I were both nerds who got tormented and bullied in school, who are now achieving our dreams and making a difference. Of course, I am not operating on the scale of Mr. Phelps, but he has inspired me for so long to keep going through the tough times and let the negativity of others fuel me to keep going.

Congratulations, Michael. I know that your hard work and dedication will continue to inspire me and others around the world to live up to their full potential and, perhaps, exceed it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Chapter

Dear readers, I am happy to say that I have started a new chapter in my life. I started this blog when I was 19 years old with the dream of becoming a doctor, and since that time, you have all seen my ups and down on that journey. You were there when I took my pre-reqs, my MCAT, faced down my premed advisor, applied, interviewed, was waitlisted, applied to grad school, graduated from college, retook the MCAT, moved to DC, reapplied, interviewed, was ACCEPTED!, and received my masters degree. Well, dear readers, I have just completed my first two weeks of medical school here in Texas, and I am studying for my first medical school test. Having a masters degree has really helped me here - I feel like I have an advantage over the other students since I have seen this material before.

But beyond the academic, I feel that I am actually living the dream I have had since I was two-years-old of becoming a physician. All I have ever wanted to do is devote my life to the service of others, to be their advocate when they are in need, and to share my great capacity to love and care for others. It's been a long time coming, and I feel so blessed to actually be living the life I have always known I was meant to live. I want to share this new chapter of my life with all of you. Some of you are old friends, some are premeds, and some are just passing through. Regardless, I hope that the lessons I have learned in the past and will learn in the future will help you in your lives, and help me continue the journey of introspection I began nearly five years ago.