Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It is a new day in America. I am proud to say that I voted for the first African-American president of the United States, Barack Obama! This is a historic night. Tonight, my generation united to make change and end the darkness our country has been in the past eight years. We stood up to an administration that controlled our lives through fear and lies. We finally have a president who will serve with dignity as a symbol of who an American really is. Barack was born a child of an immigrant, raised in a household where he looked different from everyone else in his family, studied hard and received the best education, chose to serve his community instead of looking for a big salary, and finally chose to stand up and serve his country when we needed him the most. President Obama is an inspiration - we can become anything that we want to be. He has changed the face America presents to the world and replaces our redneck cowboy image with cosmopolitan intelligence. From now on, everything will change. We're saved and out of the darkness, and I can't wait to see where President Obama will take us.