Saturday, March 12, 2005

How Well Do You Know Your Inner Social Climber?

Social Climber-at-Large
You're good. You know what you want and you grab it. And when things go wrong? Well, you know how to make it look good. Even when you're caught red-handed. And because you're more direct than diabolical, mostly people sympathize with you when you do let the social climber out. You're just doing what everyone wants to do. But to really be a tour de force, you might do a little more calculating. After all, social climbing is big business. Ask Paris Hilton.

Find your inner social climber here.


fateema368 said...

Is that you in your picture thing on SDN? If it is it looks completely different from the other one. Anyway, I've been reading up on your diary, because I'm moving to Texas soon, and also I'm bored studying all the time.

So, I've come to a conclusion, I think your very wrong about this whole no dating until you accomplish your dreams/become a doctor/are an accomplished professional thing. I also come from a a highly religious family and dating and sex are not in the same category at all. You can be a responsible young woman, in a committed relationship and not be intimate with your partner, TRUST ME!
I also think you choses impractical crushes to purposely avoid something serious from starting. The French guy for example, your parents probably would not be pleased if you brought home a non Iranian/non Muslim. I really believe anyone is capable of flourishing in both professional and personal lives. If nothing else human relationships of that sort teach us about ourselves, our needs, our faults-like nothing can. The best one's infact, change us making us better, stronger, lovelier than we could have ever been without them.
Anyway, regardless of your future actions, whether you chose to heed my advice or not, I think some part of you knows your going about this all wrong-or atleast dysfunctional. Our backgrounds are similar so I had to say my peace. I'm done!

prettydoc said...

Hi Fateema,

No, that's not my picture on SDN. It's a picture of Claudia Lynx aka Shaghayegh, a Persian singer/actress/model.

I thank you for your thoughts and comments. My meaning in that post was not that I don't want to pursue a relationship until after I'm an MD. It was that I don't want to pursue one until, basically, after the MCAT. When I first met Cute Frenchboy (my code name for him) last semester in my history class, we hit it off really well, and I found him to be so intelligent and worldly. He was unlike anyone I had ever met in my life, but the kind of guy I had always dreamed of meeting. When I told my mom about him, she was very excited and told me that I was free to pursue a relationship with him. (The subject of sex has no need for discussion because I am already committed to abstain until marriage.) (My mom actually doesn't really like Iranian guys that much because most of the ones we've encountered here in Dallas are either big playas or very dominating. She's always told me it doesn't matter what ethnicity the other is as long as I stay true to myself.)

The thing is Frenchie would have been my first boyfriend, and I was 20 at the time, and he was way more experienced than I was. It just would have been weird for me to start a relationship for the first time in my life while taking 20 hrs of college credit + work (I was making up for major screwups sophomore year). So I kept our relationship friendly and didn't take it further even when he hinted that he wanted to and there were plenty of great opportunities.

So when I saw him the other day and wrote that post you read, I still had those feelings for him but I still had this monkey on my back, the MCAT. Once I take it, I'll be free and then I won't be blaming my educational/professional pursuits for keeping me from finding love.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I agree with you, but I wasn't very good at setting up the situation on my blog. Are you Iranian? Where are you moving to Texas from? Which city are you moving to? Is it because you got into med school here?

I appreciate your input, and you're welcome here anytime.