Saturday, December 10, 2005

Winter Break

So today's the last day of the Fall 2005 term. I took my last final, Earlier Romantic Lit. Since it's Saturday, there was no one to watch my sis, so she came with me to the final. She was disappointed cuz I told her how my prof always wears a bow tie, but he didn't today. And he wore a sweater vest instead of a jacket! Wow, he really does get casual on Saturdays. It was nice having her sit next to me reading The Bell-Jar while I took my final. The final was like all Wordsworth, and he didn't have a single Jane Austen question on it! Then my sis and I had fun at Northpark (they had ballroom dancers!) and at Mockingbird Station.

So far I know I got a B in Biochem (although I did make an A on final), an A in Dante's Poetic Vision, and an A in Health Psychology. Access is down for maintenance until 8 pm tomorrow, so I won't know until then what I got in Seminar: Literary Theory or Earlier Romantic Lit. Now that I don't have classes, I don't know what to do to occupy my time. We'll just have to see.


Anne O'nymous said...

Hey, congrats on finals being go to SMU? I've seen your posts on SDN (i'm Anne O'nymous there.) and found your blog. I go to SMU too. I guess the reason i suspected you go to SMU is because of access being down until sunday! That was a pain because i'm addicted to checking my grades. I'm still waiting on ONE professor to turn her grades in! GOSH, don't they realized how much anxiety it causes me to wait?! hahahaha

Viscous said...

update merium!