Saturday, February 11, 2006


I have to agree with this. I have definitely been able to identify with this song with all the pain I've been through lately. I'm looking for solutions, but I just want to hide away a lot of the time. I keep going to workshops and meeting with advisors, but I just...well, let's just say that "Skin" certainly hits home. I hope everything will work out in a couple years.

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE RE-APPLY! (& especially to Tulane, not that I have any special ad-com powers)
You may be good at English (hence your consideration of Law), but really why should you do something just b/c you're *good* at it b/c you have a passion for it, & you, definately have a passion for medicine....what's a year, you can go visit family, teach more Farsi Classes, read all kinds of books, relax.....Please don't take yourself out of the game b/c of a little set-back, this is when it matters most that you re-ap, ppl who get things easily, never really appreciate them...