Saturday, May 06, 2006


I got into Boston University and Columbia! While its very exciting to be accepted, I really think I'm going to go with Georgetown unless I get into Tulane - at which point I will be stuck with a tough decision. I wish I knew someone going to these schools so I could ask them about it or room with them, but alas everyone I know is TX-bound. I got the official Georgetown acceptance in the mail today and my deposit is due this month! I can't believe I'm gonna go to such a top school. It's so exciting!


Anonymous said...

I'll probably be at Georgetown's SMP; you should, too. I mean, I won't cry or anything if you're not there (well, I'm not going to tell you that I will, at least not anymore than I already have) but, um, I have no point.


The end.

Omar said...

I came across your blog and was just wondering if you're going to GT (or wherever) as a med. student or for a post-bac program?

I applied to med schools this yr and actually interviewed at GT, my #1 choice, but didn't get in (I think my essay was too political for them to handle). It is a very hard school to get into though, so congrats on getting in. Now I'm waiting on Temple, which has a program very similar to GT's.

prettydoc said...

I'm going to the Georgetown SMP.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to drop your acceptances from loyola and evms since you got into georgetown?

Anonymous said...

Which program did you apply to at Tulane? I just got accepted to the 1-year MS in Cell and Molecular Biology program at Tulane, but I turned them down. If that's the program you applied to, then I hope you get my spot.