Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kabob vs. Tacos

Mexico beat Iran in their first World Cup game today 3-1. It was a great game in the first half, but then Iran kept making mistakes in the second and let two goals slip by a minute apart. Iran's gotta beat Portugal and Angola to go on to the big 16. Here are some quotes from the players after today's game:

Ali DAEI (IRN) Mexico were not a superior team. We were equal to them. The most disappointing thing was that we made two mistakes that led to goals. On the other hand, Mexico made two good substitutions in the second half which made them stronger going forward. The game against Portugal is vital. We have to play better than today and we need to win.

Vahid HASHEMIAN (IRN) We played two different games today. The first half was very good but we played too defensively in the second, mainly due to the fact that Ali Karimi went off injured. But if Angola win or draw against Portugal, it will be still wide open. Anything is possible in football.

Ferydoon ZANDI (IRN) It was a superb atmosphere in Nuremberg. You have to enjoy playing in front of a crowd like that. To make three mistakes for one goal is extremely annoying. We have to play better as a whole and play further up the field. Our biggest error was that we sat too deep in defence.


Diego said...

lol, Kabobs vs. Tacos.

Seriously, you guys had me scared the entire first half. You forced our goalie (Oswaldo Sanchez) into a couple amazing saves in order for us to stay level.

I was really impressed with how classy your team was too. I heard they gave Sanchez flowers to give their regrets for his father's passing. That and the Persian rug spoke volumes about the team and the Iranian people. :)

prettydoc said...

Yeah, they showed Mirzapour giving Sanchez flowers on ABC and they showed the rug on Iranian TV, which I think was really just BBC dubbed in Farsi. Iranian athletes give a lot of gifts. I remember them giving something to the US team back in 98 while the Americans didn't give anything to them. Gift-giving is a big part of our culture. You have to watch the other Iran games. I think they'll be awesome, and there are no fans like Iranian fans when they win. It was funny how Mexico and Iran have the same colors and the fans looked alike too.