Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm back!!

Didya miss me? I haven't been able to post for a while since I've been so bogged with down with school, work, and a million other things. OK, so let's catch up on my life since I last posted: I wore the scarves around my neck for a while, but I grew to love my scars as a badge of courage and now display them prominently, plus they're fading. I've already turned in 3 papers and taken 2 tests so far. I got an A on my first test in Social Psych, so hopefully the rest of the term will be as bountiful. My online class is going great, as are all my other classes. The kids at school are cool too, and I'm making some new friends. It's nice to break away from the premeds for a while.

Today, I bought a car!! It's a black 2005 Civic EX. The insurance company is paying 7000, my dad is paying 3000, and I'm paying the rest (10000). Yup, your little girl is growing up. God-willing I'll have this car for a long time and stay safe in it.

I like this French boy in my class. I'm trying to get up the nerve to talk to him. He has the cutest accent! Somebody told me he was faking it though, and that he likes to play mind games. I'm gonna be positive and just think that he's more intelligent than most people, but that we could connect on a deep level. In class discussion, he gets really passionate and starts talking with his hands. The whole class is just mesmerized when he speaks. Did I mention that he's really cute?

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Anonymous said...

un garcon mignon! zut alors! je suis la jeune fille! je suis petit!