Sunday, November 14, 2004

Eid Mubarak!

Today was Eid Fitr. Hope y'all had a nice holiday. Now it's back to my gorging self. Yesterday was my first day of MCAT class at Princeton Review. Basically the whole day was one full-length MCAT diagnostic. I got my scores back today: 6BS, 4PS, and 7 VR. It's no surprise that verbal was my best and physical was my worst, but I'm really surprised that I did almost as well on biological as I did on verbal. My physical grade is so low cuz I only got 1/2 way through, and there were 2 passages on electricity, which I won't study until next term. I'm not too worried, cuz it's the easiest section to inprove. OK, so I've got to go up 4 pts on BS, 6 pts on PS, and 3 pts on VR to reach my goal. I'm pumped! The teachers are so good there. Today was GenChem and Physics. Great teachers, both of them. I highly recommend TPR to all.

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drhaibane said...

yayy~~ i think i'm going to take TPR courses also. they seem better than kaplan, but i think i'm going to go in and sit in both of the classes to see what they're like and then decide. i do, however, like the kaplan course's books more than TPR's. we'll see~~

good luck maryam!!