Sunday, November 07, 2004

Tears for Fears

Cool, an OC blog.

Tonight's American Dreams was soooo sad. My mom and I were crying because we thought JJ had died and his whole family was crying, and it was the saddest thing on television. Then at the very end, it was revealed that JJ is alive! He just has to come back to see his baby, who's going to be born next week! This is so exciting! Yay!!!

I spent my Saturday at SMU. No, I wasn't there for the Homecoming Game. The funny thing is I didn't even know about it, but when I got there the place was packed, there was no parking, and the game was about to start. I had actually gone there to visit the Meadows Museum for the first time. The work there truly is beautiful. Then I went to the mosque that night for Shabe Qadr services. (Yes, this weekend was devoted to crying.) After staying up all night praying and crying, I went to work Sunday morning. See, I had agreed to cover for this girl, but I had forgotten what I was doing the night before. Luckily, Red Bull got me through rounds. I even got some great pointers from the doctor about what to say during my interview and about the MCAT (I start TPR next weekend!)

OK, so I was kinda upset about Bush winning the election, but Michael Moore's 17 Reasons to Not Slit Your Wrists really helped me through it. If you voted for Bush, well I'm glad someone is happy. If you voted for Kerry, read the Moore article and try to cheer up. If you voted for Nader, get your head out of the clouds and pick a side!

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