Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year and Goodbye Noghte Cheen

Wow, I'm getting really lazy with this blog. I check it everyday for updates, as if I wasn't the one writing the entries, haha. It's a new year and my resolution is to make a 30 on the MCAT. Of course, I haven't studied all break, with the exception of MCAT class. It's pure sloth plus all the stuff that's been going on. I went to a Persian-Pakistani wedding on New Year's Day. It was the first wedding of one of my really good friends that I grew up with (the Persian bride). It was really cool, but her sister, who I'm more tight with, is having her wedding in Iran this summer. She's begging me to get tickets, but I don't know if I'll be able to.

My favorite Iranian sitcom, Noghte Cheen (or as everyone calls it, Bamshad) just aired its final episode on Jame Jam satellite last Tuesday night. They had 2 crappy "Crossfire" type specials and then one good "behind the scenes" special. The last episode actually aired in Iran in July, but they started airing the show on the satellite for Iranians abroad afterwards. They replaced it starting New Years Day with Kamarbandha ra beband, which roughly translates as "fasten your belts". The show sucks, and we stopped watching it. I miss Bamshad so much! I only got to tape the last 2 episodes, the 2 crappy specials, and the behind the scenes specials. I miss Bamshad butchering English words: "Amrikayeha megan 'neber'", "Dar Italia, espegetti-getti mekhoran" and of course I miss him singing "Bevafaee, bevafaee, delleh man az ghoseh daghoon shodeh" and "vafa daree, vafa daree, vafa daram, vafa daree, hamammoon vafa dareem" and when he translated "bevafee" to English: "Unfaithfulee, unfaithfulee, my heart is daaaaaamaaaged." And don't forget Mehran Modiri as Ardal. He was so great. I love when he corrected Bamshad, "Nah, begoo chee goftee...chap room! chat roomeh, IQ! Chera rajeb cheezhaee keh nemidooni harf meezani!" and when he would sweet talk so that he could get what he wanted "beya azizam, ghorboonet beram, to kojaee? dalam vasat tang shodeh, cheghat doosetdaram". He could just make you feel all tingly, especially when he said, "manam hassaas!" The wives were great too. I love it when Mozhdeh would say, "Maneeeeezh, hamcheeni namooneh" or "Maneeezh, yeh cheezi meegee ha" or "Bebeen Bamshad, man asob masob....nadaram." It was so funny when Manizh would say, "Vay, cheh Romantique o Parvanehee" and talk about her dental unit. Oh God, please let Noghte Cheen be released on DVD! I'm going through withdrawal symptoms without any prospect of syndication like American TV. It was one of the greatest Iranian sitcoms, like Italia Italia and Daee Jan Napoleon. Why did it have to go away, why?????????????? If you want to check out clips of Noghte Cheen, go here and there's a Noghte Cheen photo gallery here. Bamshad is the fat guy and everyone's favorite. Noghte Cheen truly was genius and brought the whole family together. I hope Modiri goes back to the set and creates another great sitcom.

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