Friday, January 21, 2005

Is It Over Yet?

OK, so I've been in school for 2 weeks, and I already want it to be over. It just seems like my classes aren't grabbing me as much as I thought they would. Children's Lit turns out to be my least favorite class, followed by Later Victorian Lit. Not a good sign for an English major, but it's not my fault none of the good professors are teaching the classes I need this term. Abnormal Child Psyc is cool because I know the prof, and I absolutely adore my Early Italian Humanism professor. She is soo cool and very European. We actually have real Italians in our, from Italy...with accents! But alas, no hot Italian guys, sigh. It's weird, but none of my friends are in my SMU classes. I have friends in my MCAT class and at UTD, but in my SMU classes, it's like I'm a freshman starting from scratch.

UTD physics is the same, but now I have lab Thurs at 7-10 pm after my lecture from 5:30-6:45. Usually, I finish lab after 1/2-1 hr, but the TA this term is a lot harder than the one last term. I don't get why we don't just to keep the same TA. She spent an hour going over how to draw a graph. I mean come one! We're all juniors and premeds who have taken mounds of science classes; we don't need y = mx + b explained to us again after we learned it in 8th grade. Plus, this is the second semester of the course, so we don't need tips on how to survive physics. We have survived, hence the second term. So I got out of class at 8:30, meaning I did finish the actual lab in 1/2 an hr so I would have been out at 7:30 if she had not chatted so much. My online class General Nutrition is gonna be a lot easier than A&P was since there's no lab. We just have 3 assignments we complete at home and 3 tests we take on campus. The third test is the week after I finish my SMU finals, so I only have to worry about 2 tests during the year. Speaking of finals, Italian and Psyc don't have them, so I'll just have my Physics final at the end of April, then 2 finals in early May, and end the term with my last Nutrition test. Ain't life grand?

I need to keep myself motivated. It's been a lot harder to keep on top of my reading assignments so far. But I'll do it. I just need to remember to clear my mind and focus on one thing at a time. Before I know all my assignments will be done and so will my MCAT passages.

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drhaibane said...

hee, you should post more often.. i really like reading your posts, very insightful on the world of premedicine. where're all the premed posts?? comeon, your blogger name IS prettydoc's world. so let's hear some prettydoc stuff~

good luck with all your classes