Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8

So Live 8's going on the TV, and I gotta say that I don't really see the piont of it. The original Live Aid of 1985 held in London was meant to raise money for the African poor. But Live 8 is only meant to raise awareness. I think instead just having a big concert to "raise awareness" (a huge screening of Hotel Rwanda would have done more in that regard), the artists should either donate all the money they raise to Africa or meet with politicians to present their views (lobbying). Hopefully some good will come out of Live 8, and we'll see some legislation passed next week at the G8 summit.


omair said...

Yes, I agree. The intentions of the original Live Aid made more sense. Ah well. None of my favorite performers are performing for Live 8 in Japan :( So I'm not that interested in watching the broadcast.

Anonymous said...

You got that wrong. Most of the tickets were free and artists performed for free. Some tickets were raffled off and you had to pay to enter the drawing. But even if the artists are performing free the organization of 8 concerts still costs a lot!