Thursday, June 30, 2005

One Down

I submitted TMDSAS last night and boy did that feel good. I went ahead and started on my UTSW, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech secondaries. I'm working on AMCAS now and I'll probably submit today or tomorrow. I just need to finish up adding my activities. Then I can start my Tulane secondary. Tomorrow Glamour Shots opens at Stonebriar, so I'm gonna go there to take my med school app pictures. I want to get all this primary stuff sent in so that I can have concentrate on my secondaries. Of course, this means I will have to deal with my special friend...yuk! Well, I won't let her get to me. I know everything will be okay.


omair said...

How was the photo shoot? Scan in your pictures! You have to show me. Applications for medical school seem so stressful. And I can't believe I only have one more year to go. I'm rooting for you Maryam! You will surely get in to wherever you want. This process is stressful in itself, and you're near the end. Then you start medical school~

I have a question: I want to study abroad next summer, the summer that I will be applying to medical schools. Since all the applications are done online, do you think I can still study abroad (Japan) and work on the applications simultaneously?

And who is this "special friend" of yours, eh? :)

prettydoc said...

You can still apply while abroad. Just remember to send your transcripts to TMDSAS and AMCAS before you leave. You may want to talk to the premed advisor (my special friend) about how you should send your LOR's, because you have to give her a stamp and a form for those.