Friday, July 07, 2006

Cristiano Ronaldo

I just want to take a moment to honor the greatness that is Cristiano Ronaldo. I know he helped Portugal beat Iran in the World Cup, but ever since then I've grown to love the spirit of Portugal's team...and Ronaldo. So please, indulge in the beauty that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Oh, and he can play soccer, too:

Good luck against Germany, Portugal. You can do it!


Anonymous said...

Cristiano Ronaldo is so cool. i have been a fan of his starting in the euro 2004. im so glad someone else actually knows about and has the same opinion on him. ive looked ronaldo up on every website possible!!! thanks for making this site!!!

prettydoc said...

I know, he's so awesome! I'm glad I can help reach out to others through my site, and I hope I can catch more of his soccer appearances. You have to let me know the next time he plays!

France Lost! All is good though said...

I can't believe France lost. And I can't believe(even more) how foolish Zidane acted, I thought the man was above those childish things, especially considering his stature in the game of Football. I am lost, my team lost and Zidane is lost in disillusion, I'm glad Thierry Henry didn't stoop to the same level of Zidane.
I'm sad. But, I guess it's just a game. But, what do you think of how Zidane acted, or the Final?

Anonymous said...

Cristiano isn't so great. He has a horrid attitude in club play as well on the national side.
& his contribution in the Portugal win over Iran was pretty much nil b/c Kaebi shut him down on the wing.
He looks pretty & has some moves, but that does not a stellar player make, he needs to seriously grow up. Maybe in 5yrs i'll change my mind.
I am especially annoyed given the fact his coach whined about Poldoski getting young player over him--Ronaldo only scored 1 goal (of 12 shots on goal) had 0 assists.
he plays for ManU, watch their matches in the Premiership & you'll see him play (ignore the sale rumours, SirAlex wants his investment back & Ronaldo didn't have a good enough WC to fetch a high transfer fee)

Anonymous said...

The video for Ronaldo seems more like it is knocking him than anything....every move he makes eventually gets shut down or he screws up the angle of shot.

Anonymous said...

I just love him...he's just adorable, gorgeous, sexy and so much more :D and not to mention the skills he has:)