Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Chapter

Dear readers, I am happy to say that I have started a new chapter in my life. I started this blog when I was 19 years old with the dream of becoming a doctor, and since that time, you have all seen my ups and down on that journey. You were there when I took my pre-reqs, my MCAT, faced down my premed advisor, applied, interviewed, was waitlisted, applied to grad school, graduated from college, retook the MCAT, moved to DC, reapplied, interviewed, was ACCEPTED!, and received my masters degree. Well, dear readers, I have just completed my first two weeks of medical school here in Texas, and I am studying for my first medical school test. Having a masters degree has really helped me here - I feel like I have an advantage over the other students since I have seen this material before.

But beyond the academic, I feel that I am actually living the dream I have had since I was two-years-old of becoming a physician. All I have ever wanted to do is devote my life to the service of others, to be their advocate when they are in need, and to share my great capacity to love and care for others. It's been a long time coming, and I feel so blessed to actually be living the life I have always known I was meant to live. I want to share this new chapter of my life with all of you. Some of you are old friends, some are premeds, and some are just passing through. Regardless, I hope that the lessons I have learned in the past and will learn in the future will help you in your lives, and help me continue the journey of introspection I began nearly five years ago.

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