Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday

OK, so February's here and it seems like a good time to update y'all on my life. Work is a tad stressful considering that there are a lot of scribes working one day a week and I'm stuck working 2-3. You know, we were supposed to be hiring the new scribes so that the scribes taking the MCAT would have a break, but that has worked out so well since they hired only PM scribes! My first test this semester is tomorrow in Abnormal Child Psych. It's a really fun class, and I'm not too worried about the test. I'll be studying my notes during rounds tomorrow. I keep getting these messages from guys on Facebook that say for me to add them as a friend, and when I do they send me messages saying they wanted me as a friend cuz my picture is hot. It's a little creepy. I wonder if there's a way you can delete friends on there. My other classes are going okay. I just hope I do as well in Physics as I did last semester. Studying for MCAT is really hard when you're taking 19 hours. I picked classes that aren't too stressful. Most of my stress comes from the fact that I haven't written my personal statement yet. I know it's not due till March 31, but that's really not that far away. 19 hrs + 15 hrs work + 9 hrs MCAT class + med school apps = Maryam freaking out, hopped up on caffeine, and sleep deprived, you know the usual.

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