Tuesday, June 21, 2005

That Darn MCAT

I love puns. So I got my MCAT score back, and I feel pretty happy about it. I'm really glad about not retaking. I know I could have done better in verbal, but my score is still good and I'm really happy with my bio score. Now I've just got to concentrate on making my application super awesome so that no one can turn me down...based on non-GPA/MCAT factors, tee hee. I'm almost done with TMDSAS except for the "optional" essay. I still have to put my 15 activities into AMCAS. I'm anticipating I'll finish all these by the end of the month. I wish it was Feb 1, and I knew where I stood. The worst part about this is not knowing. But I have faith, and I'm sure I have a chance for at least some interviews.


drhaibane said...

Maryam you are seriously a genius. If I had to choose one friend of mine to get into medical school (along with myself of course ^_^), then I would have to choose you: you're just the perfect match. Medical schools will look at your application and say, "Wow! This person is exceptional!"

So stop worrying, focus hard on that app, and do good your last year. Inshallah you will get in for sure!!

prettydoc said...

Thanks, Omair. You always have a way of bringing my spirits up. :) This process is so stressful I want to do it right the first time so that I will never have to do it again! haha

Anonymous said...

way to go maryam. mcats are tough and im glad you're done with it all. omair is right.. dont stress.. just let it flow and focus. you've got all summer to get it right.

buon fortuna.
- getzp

prettydoc said...

I hope my virtu can overcome my fortuna, unless my fortuna is doing just fine on its own. Italian humanism rocks!!

drhaibane said...

Did I ever tell you that you are one of the few people I know that know too much? (That is NOT a bad thing ^_^) Don't stress about it. You're an amazing person and medical schools will Inshallah be lining up to take you. As long as you can get the interview, I bet you'll be guaranteed admission.

But you are right, the application IS stressful, and I wouldn't want you, or anyone else (including myself), going through it more than once. So polish that application until it glistens brighter than a star on a night with a power-outage and go get 'em girl!

Where are you applying? What are your top choices?