Saturday, August 21, 2004

Congrats, Phelpsie!!

Congratulations to Michael Phelps on winning 6 gold medals in Athens!! He is definitely the greatest Olympian, in my humble opinion. I love this guy!! What other playa would be smart enough to know that he could let a rival swim in a relay in his place while he sits in the stands and gets a medal without swimming the actual race? Man, that's my boy!! With every race, he inspires me to be the best and never give up in my own race to fulfill my dreams. Plus, he's from Baltimore, home of the greatest medical school in the world, Johns Hopkins. On my way to work in the mornings, I pass this billboard on the Tollway that features him in an ad for Omega watches. It just gives me such a boost as if my job is a prelimary race for the final that's up ahead. Gosh, he's just such an inspiration. I feel like watching him race has changed my life. He's so humble, cute, fit, kind, determined, and a team player. Congratulations, Phelpsie, you've made me proud!!

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