Friday, October 22, 2004

My Turn

Today was my turn to get embarrassed in the aforementioned class. My professor was talking about existentialism and that famous quote, "Hell is other people." Then he looked at me and said, "Let's just say Maryam is my hell." I said, "I hope not." Then he said, "OK then, let me just ask you, what do you say to other people when they ask about me?" I said, "As a person or as a professor?" He said however. I said, "Well, I would say you're knowledgeable." Then he said, "See what I would say is that all professors are frauds, so being knowledgeable may not be a good thing." I, of course, started with the nervous laughter. Then my professor said, "OK, so let's say your friends want to tell you what I think of you. You should cover your ears and say, 'I don't want to hear it. The professor is my hell.' And when other people want to tell me what Maryam thinks of me, I'll...well, actually I like what she has to say about me so I don't mind." OK, the whole class was thoroughly confused, and I was a little blushy.

Later on in class, I supplented our discussion of "The Stranger" by talking about the original French title "L'Etranger." So at the end of class, the professor was talking about something and in the middle of it I thought I heard him say, "I know you're French, Maryam." Everybody in class turned and looked at me, including a piqued Cute Frenchboy. I was confused. After class, my professor came up to me and apologized for putting me on the spot. I told him I found it to be "quite funny." I went to my next class and asked one of my friends, "Did the professor call me French?" She said that she had heard that too and thought it was weird that he said that. I said, "Maybe when I said I was Persian he though I said Parisienne." Then she laughed and said, "Maybe he said, 'Pardon my French, Maryam.' That sounded reasonable (even though it made no sense in context), and I let the matter pass.

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