Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What a Cutie!

I had a dream last night that someone else proclaimed his love for me while my crush did nothing. Well, that made me interested in what would happen when I saw him today. He came into class a little late. I started talking in class early on because I like to see his reaction to what I have to say. Today he was nodding, turning up the corner of his mouth into a grin, and saying "yes, yes, absolutely." It was soo hot!! The rest of class, however, he was pretty quiet with sort of a blank expression. The professor used me as an example for different things, and my crush smiled and laughed along. Well, then, 5 min to the end of class, the professor asked a question. Right at that moment my crush gets up to leave the room for something. Then the professor said, "Oh, you're leaving right now!!" Well, then the cutie got all embarrassed and turned back around and sat down. Then the professor started apologizing to him for embarrassing him and the cutie turned bright red. It was hilarious!! The class started laughing and he was covering his face in shame. It was so great cuz he was so embarrassed and he hadn't done anything wrong. Then one of my friends in the class was like, "it's ok, man, don't worry about it" in that tough macho way. Well, it turned out that the Cute Frenchboy had a cold and he was out of Kleenex and was going to get a new one. OK, so there's nothing shameful in that and it explains his uncharacteristic quietness. But after class he goes up to the professor and apologizes for attempting to step out of class to get a Kleenex. What a gentleman!! It was all I could do to contain myself. He's just so classy and intelligent. Dang, I wish I had a Kleenex to give him.

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