Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Book Shopping

I went ahead and bought a bunch of books for school online. So far books for 5 classes has totaled $200 because I make proper use of online bookstores. I decided to hold off on getting the books for Social and Intellectual history of Europe just because there are so many and you never know how many will actually be covered in the class, etc. I've been in the situation before where I bought more books than I needed. My Brit Lit 1 class requires the Norton Anthology of English Lit Vol 1, which is 3000+ pages long and weighs so much it costs extra to ship. So I did some investigating and found that it is available split up into 3 books so that I don't have to carry the whole thing at once. I called up the publisher's customer service department to make sure that the page numbers matched up in the 2 versions. She confirmed that they did and was ecstatic. You don't know how many horror stories there are of students and their Nortons: stubbing their toes on them, getting knocked unconscious when it fell off a bookshelf, losing them because they don't fit in a bag, and the back strain. But I'm a smarty pants who likes to make life easy on herself, so I found a way to beat the system. HAHA!!

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Anonymous said...

ugh...I still have nightmares from carrying the unabridged versions of the English AND American Norton Anthologies back in high school. We had to carry those suckers for our Junior & Senior year...

ah, the good ol' days! =)

btw, nice job in beating the system! Down with government! Anarchy rules! UT is smelly! Vive la Revolucion!![Sam laughing in a very funny French laugh]

~Sammy posting "anonymously"