Monday, July 12, 2004

Last night I went to a graduation party for one of my friends. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with Honors from the University of Texas. She's the one whose brother goes to SMU law. She's very sweet, and I've known her for years, ever since first grade of Farsi school when I was really in 6th grade at American school. I reconnected with many people I saw at that wedding I went to (the grad girl sat at my table there) and caught up with a LOT of Persian gossip. Man, a lot of shiitake mushrooms have gone down. Also, one of my friends announced that she's engaged! He's a Saudi Arabian business student at UTD (ooh, exotic). The party was held at Kasra restaurant (home of the 2 hr wait for kabob, and last night was no exception). 4 hours into the party they decided to bust out the ghalyoons (unexplicably known as hookahs to my American audience; will I ever find out why?). Everybody was smoking it. My mom said no to me trying it, but then I went over to my dad, and he shoved it in my mouth. So I smoked for the first time in front of >100 people. Honestly, I didn't like it that much. My mouth felt sore afterwards. My mom started telling me about how I could get Hepatitis from the ghalyoon because I had shared the pipe with the entire party, and that sorta creeped me out. But I'm still alive...for now.

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