Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July everyone! Eat lots of hot dogs and don't let the fireworks make you deaf and blind.

On : 7/4/2004 10:14:16 PM diego (www) said:

lol. deaf and blind? what did you say???

On : 7/5/2004 3:19:29 PM Maryam (www) said:

I mean the boom from the fireworks combined with the possible blinding light they emit. I watched the fireworks at Gleneagles from the safe distance of my backyard. (And yes, I am joking. I'm not really afraid of fireworks deafening and blinding me.)

On : 7/5/2004 8:32:43 PM diego (www) said:

lol, i was making an inference to being struck deaf and blind by the pretending to act deaf (what did you say)?

sarcasm doesnt work as well over the net i guess.

On : 7/5/2004 9:04:16 PM Maryam (www) said:

Oh, now I get it! Good one, D.

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