Saturday, June 19, 2004

Defensive driving was fun. About 1/2 the people there had gone to my high school (albeit graduating after me) and 1/2 of those people had just graduated last month. The rest of the people there had children who were in the same circumstances, so we could all share our Plano West experiences. The instructor had been a PISD bus driver so she had plenty of stories too. In fact, the whole class seemed like one big 6 hr storytime that was chockful of breaks. My first break I head over to Eckerd and grabbed Lemon flavored Infusion Water by Arizona. Then during the lunch break I walked over to Grandy's and had a Grilled chicken platter with green beans, corn, and coleslaw. As I was eating the green beans I realized that there was bacon in them! Totally freaked out, I brushed them aside and started scouring my corn to see what kind of porky surprise was awaiting me. Luckily my corn and cole slaw were safe. What kind of freaks puts bacon in the green beans! Well, my Grandy's lunch wasn't that great anyways. I should have gone to Burger King. See, Classic Driving School is an institution in the adolescence of all West Plano-ites. During Driver's Ed everyone would make trecks to Eckerd's and Grandy's (some girls even went to Sally Beauty Supply to buy nail polish and would give each other manicures during the second half of class). And while attending Karen Dillard's College Prep (which I regrettably did not) they often partied at Burger King or Dunkin Donuts. Ditto while at Haggard Public Library. These are definitely staples of a teen's life in West Plano, so it was totally retro for me to go to Classic for my defensive driving class.

On : 6/20/2004 5:24:04 PM diego (www) said:

ugh....i got a ticket last week on the way back from UTD (that school is frickin cursed)....unfortunately defensive driving won't be an option for me....i'll write some more about it later this week once i have all the info.

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