Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Ever since my grandma came it's been a world of 24/7 Iranian satellite TV. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of music videos and "doctors" touting the next snake oil, uh I mean "vitamins that cure cancer." Those satellite channels used to be guilty pleasures, but now they're just annoying. To be clear, only one of these channels is actually from Iran. The rest are based in LA, thus the music videos featuring strippers pole-dancing. I was talking to my grandma and mid-conversation she says, "Wow, you look just like Jessica Simpson." Y'all may be surprised, but this isn't the first time I've been told that. Usually, though, it's attributed to my body shape. I was pretty surprised that my grandma knew who Jessica was, but then she started talking about the Kobe Bryant case and I was blown away. So she called me Jessica the rest of the day, which is weird cuz my sister calls me Mandy because she says I'm just like Mandy Moore. In 10th grade, everyone said I was "sooo Jennifer Lopez" and in 12th grade everybody said I was "soo Shakira." So just give me Britney's bod and Christina's voice, and I'm a certified pop star!

On : 6/6/2004 3:42:36 AM persianguy (www) said:

Agha Shabkhez' channel is ok. I don't like much Iranian TV channels, most of them are run by the monafeeghs (hypocrites). However, I do like Al-Manar, ITN, and Pars.

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