Sunday, June 20, 2004

Last night we went to Kasra Resaurant for some Persian cuisine. It opened on Tuesday and hasn't done any advertising. When we got into the parking lot and were in the process of parking our Expedition, this guy in the car behind us got out and starting saying, "You nearly hit me, motherfucker. Get out of your fucking car!" My dad just stuck his head out and said, "Sorry, I just couldn't see you" and stayed right where he was. The guy came up behind our car and kept yelling and I slumped in my chair because you never know what the other guy has in his car (reference the season finale of ER). The guy saw we weren't in the mood to deal with him and drove off. We went in the restaurant and ordered. The restaurant was beautiful and had live music (piano and violin). Half an hour later our food still hadn't arrived. My dad called a waiter over and asked him about the delay. The waiter said, "Well, have you ordered?" and my dad said, "Yeah, 1/2 hr ago." The grill is fully visible throughout the restaurant and we could see that it was empty. The waiter came back and said, "The chef just put the meat on the grill." My dad said, "He just put it on now?" The waiter said, "Uh, I mean it's been on..." My dad said, "Tell me the truth." The guy said, "Um, your food will be right out." Five minutes later another waiter came by and said, "I'm sorry, sir, but we've been out of Kabob Barg (steak kabob) so it takes us some time to make it. We have had so many orders all day and we've been having to make everything from scratch. I apologize but it will be out soon." We offered to change our order, but the guy said that it wouldn't be necessary. He then brought out some complimentary salad to tide us over. Well, 1/2 hr later the food finally comes out. What they did was give everyone their own plate of rice and then placed the kabob on large dishes in the center of the table, so it's sort of family-style. The kabob wasn't really that great, it was just OK. But we were so hungry we just ate everything. After dinner, we walked over to Talar Andishe, a small Persian cafe that also rents out movies and sells CDs and books (it's owned by J&J photography). It's located to doors down from Kasra. We rented 7 films (including The Circle and Secret Ballot) and talked to the owner who was saying how Kasra's owner had told him that he had purposely not advertised because he wanted to work the kinks out the business first. The Kasra owner was shocked that this many people had come to his restaurant after being open for only 3 days. He simply hadn't made enough food or bought enough ingredients. When we came home we felt obliged to see one movie, so we chose The Stranger (Gharibeh), about a guy who's forced into retirement by his company so he goes from job to job until he's finally screwed by his used car salesman brother-in-law.

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