Thursday, June 10, 2004

I got my O Chem quiz back: 95 baby! Can you believe I actually got an A? I was so psyched that when he gave it back to me I immediately ran out of class and called my mom. She was like, thank God you called because it was all I was thinking about. This score has really made me confident about the test on Monday, but I'm still studying hard. As a reward, we all went to the best Persian restaurant in Dallas, Giovanni's. Yes the name is Italian because they serve both Italian and Persian cuisine. Well we all got Kabob Soltanis and we were stuffed. Then my sisters and I headed to the movies and watched Harry Potter. It was great; way better than the first 2. I have a strong dislike for the 2nd film, but this one rocked. Cuaron's style is much darker than Columbus's, which was a big factor in why I liked it. Also, Harry actually got pissed off in this movie and guys just look hot when that happens. I mean, when they're not POed at you, of course. Hermione was as cute as ever. I love that girl, she reminds me of myself. Emma Thompson was not used enough, but her scenes were great too. Too bad her ex Kenneth Branaugh wasn't in this one. The new Prof. Dumbeldor was not as compelling as Richard Harris and didn't seem as wise. He was more like a silly old coot than a Yoda-like mentor. We miss you Richard, whereever you are. I watched the MTV Movie Awards. They were lame. At least I got to see Adam Brody.

On : 6/12/2004 10:01:54 PM diego (www) said:

i liked the movie alot. having cuaron (viva mexico!) direct it was a great call. i liked the darkness and it was awesome how harry got pissed off at the beginning. ah, teenage angst.

On : 6/13/2004 12:04:57 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Too bad they didn't use the Lindsay Lohan on SNL technique, haha. My sister and I made some dirty Harry Potter jokes during the movie, but I'll tell you those in private.

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