Saturday, November 15, 2003

I had a Gilmore Girls marathon today. Nothing like witty banter and small town humor to get your mind off of big city disappointments. I've got like 5 episodes on tape. I like how Rory's in college now. We were practically twins in high school. My mom used to say watching her was like watching me on TV. Maybe that's part of why I applied to Harvard. I got an interview and it went pretty well, but no ultimate acceptance. Of course, Rory didn't go to Harvard either. I plan on applying to Yale for Medical School. Of course, my grades are gonna have to start heading north. Maybe once I really get over this whole thing and my rage dies down I'll actually be able to study. I'm one of those people who dwells on everything. I have trouble letting go. I need to work on that. Vegging in front of the TV totally helped until there was an episode of Rory going on her first college date. Then my mom started asking me a lot of embarassing questions about college guys and everything came flooding back. It sucks, but I'm getting over it. I have to. My future's too important to let it go to waste because I'm emotional.

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