Thursday, November 20, 2003

I took my Organic Chemistry lab final today. I got off work at 11 am, got to school at 11:30, and studied up to the test at 2 pm with some of my classmates. I had been studying since last Thursday when class ended. I was proud of myself for not breaking to chat with the rest of my lounge buddies, except of course to stop and explain to them what an appendix is and its function (or lack thereof). It seems my knowledge knows no bounds (yeah, right). My final went fairly well, but my TI-83+ calculator wouldn't turn on. I told the prof and he gave me a TI-89 to use. It kept giving my answers in fractions instead of decimals, and I started panicking. When I asked him how to convert my answers, he said he didn't know and took the calc to go play with it for a while. Thankfully, he came back with the method and I succeeded in completing the examination. If I got a perfect score, then my grade is a B+. I doubt that would happen, but hopefully I got an A so that I can have a B+ anyway.

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