Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Today was a long day. I was at school from 8 am-5 pm. I checked my email this morning and my prof emailed me back w/ a few comments on my draft. I quickly edited my paper and printed out a new copy before I rushed off to school while the rest of the house enjoyed their day off. The students I TA for were so sweet to me today. It was the last class of the semester and they were all saying how they're gonna miss me over the holiday. A lot of them have been trying to get into the section I'll TA for next semester and I heard it filled up. Good news for me! One of my students even hit on me...more than once today. I try to stay professional, but I'm only a year older than most of the students, some of them are even older than me or the same age. They wrote nice stuff about me in the evaluations. I guess I'm just everybody's favorite. It's weird cuz this other guy hit on me, like, an hour earlier. I kind of didn't notice at first, then he started looking at me funny and the "witnesses" were telling me afterwards that he was so macking on me. Well, I did wear my pink turtleneck and matching plum leather jacket. It gives me this flushed, feminine look. That always drives the guys wild. On my way home I listened to "Calling You" by Blue October and fell in love with it. The first verse makes the guy sound like a stalker, but the rest of it sounds great. I rented "Run Lola Run" tonight. I've seen it twice before and it's one of my favorite films. My parents saw it for the first time tonight. My mom didn't like it that much. I guess it's just one of those films you have to have the patience for, considering you're seeing the same thing three times. I still recommend it to everyone.

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