Monday, November 17, 2003

OK, so the Britney special sucked big time. It was fine if you wanted to see dry sex at 7 pm, but I don't. She actually did a cabaret version of "Baby One More Time." It totally ruined all the memories I have attached to that song from when I was a high school freshman. As far as the grinding goes, I'm a sexy dancer, but I know where to draw the line between a shimmy and a lap dance. There's a difference between sexy and slutty. After the first 10 minutes, I blew it off and switched over to Joe Millionaire. Now there's quality television. My favorite part of the show is the fact that they're in Europe. It's nice to hear an accent on TV every once in a while. It's funny how practically the whole show is subtitled because of the girls' accents. It was actually a really exciting night on the show since they brought back Linda, "the one who got away". Now it's down to Linda and Cat next week aka Germany vs. Czech Republic. My money's on Cat even though I like Linda better. Linda's too nice and nice girls finish last (I speak from personal experience). After watching 2 hrs. of reality TV, I blew off Average Joe. She voted off my favorite last week anyway so there's no point. Besides, I pick watching pretty girls over average guys any day. ;) I took a break then turned on Leno and was surprised to see Britney on there. Is there no sanctuary?! The girl is everywhere. I can't wait to see the numbers on her album sales this week. I wonder if all the promoting will pay off. Although, people may buy the CD just to hear her song about masturbation. She calls it a "sacred" thing. Sacred, my right hand.

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