Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Hi everyone. I just got back from threading today. My face is smooth and hair-free! My prettiness rating is going even farther up. The sky's the limit! When I left the salon, these cute Arab guys (they had blue eyes!) were whistling at me. While I'm usually repulsed by that, it seems flattering when you're leaving a salon. It sort of confirms that the pain you went through was worth the $30. Plus they were cute. I would have given them a go if my mom wasn't with me. The combination of smooth skin and my green contacts rendered me irresistable. I'm studying with a group of girls on Saturday so I can show off then. Today was the last day of classes before exams. I tried to squeeze in a few more insightful comments in Philosophy and the prof seemed pleased. My O Chem and Genetics profs dropped a few hints as to what would be on the finals, but that only reminded me that I had to take them. Groan! Well, I better get cracking on my Philosophy Take-Home Final. Good luck on your exams, everybody!

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