Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I am told that guys don't like "attention whores." Do you think that I am an "attention whore?"


On : 12/4/2003 10:08:14 AM gp (www) said:
i dont know you very well, but judging from this site, your me-me-me levels are quite high.

On : 12/4/2003 2:07:00 PM prettydoc (www) said:
That's because "Prettydoc's World" resides in a prettydoc-centric universe.

On : 12/4/2003 6:31:18 PM gp (www) said:
why does she need such a universe?

On : 12/4/2003 8:02:53 PM prettydoc (www) said:
Because I need to get rid of all this confusion and find out who I really am. Not who my parents want me to be, or my friends, or my teachers, but the real me. The only way to wade through all that is to organize my thoughts in my writing.

On : 12/4/2003 8:50:48 PM gp (www) said:
but why do you feel compelled to share these thoughts?

On : 12/4/2003 10:14:48 PM prettydoc (www) said:
I need unbiased input, like yours. Plus, I live in a family where you can't say anything, so it's rebelliously liberating to tell the world how you feel.

On : 12/6/2003 12:58:42 AM persianguy (www) said:
the need to give them a go? the only reason: your mother? you are not only an attention whore, but a whore at that. it's kind of hypocritical if you ask talk about masjid and ramazan, yet you talk about guys at the same time. please, i'm not even religious, atleast be consistent....honestly, i don't think your dad worked blah blah hours to get you blah blah living in the blah blah suburbs to attend a blah blah private school only to mess around with guys.

On : 12/6/2003 10:31:30 PM prettydoc (www) said:
Dude, what are you talking about? I am so not like that. "give them a go" was just a joke. I don't mess around with guys. I've never had a boyfriend, been on a date, kissed a guy, or even held hands. I still live at home, so I'm not getting antsy for the chance to be on my own and get w/ guys. I'm a very nice Muslim girl, but that doesn't mean I'm not attracted to the opposite sex. I'm still a heterosexual. How dare you call me a whore, bacheh poroo.