Wednesday, December 31, 2003

OK, everybody, it's New Year's Eve. The granddaddy of parties. Did you know that most Americans stay home on New Year's Eve and don't party? Far be it from me to not follow the American way. I think I'll ring in the New Year with a combo of Dick Clark, Carson Daly, and Ryan Seacrest. Remember when it was so much easier when there was only Dick Clark? Now there's so many choices, and you're often only watching each show because of just one singer that you want to see. Dick Clark is fun because of the dancers (they are so funny!). There is a price to pay for always living in the Central Time Zone, however. When the rest of the country is counting down w/ Good Ole Dick, here in Dallas we still have an hour to go! Conan O'Brien used to do the countdown for the Central Time Zone New Year, but last year that responsibility was passed on to Ryan Seacrest. His show does the countdown at the right time and shows the video from the Times Square ball drop at the same time so you don't really miss anything. How will y'all be spending your New Year's Eve?

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