Sunday, December 21, 2003

Just thought I'd share this review of the LOTR III with y'all. I haven't seen it yet, so I don't endorse this guy's comments but I think the way he writes is pretty clever.

by I8Yoda (movies profile) Dec 17, 2003
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Well, I just 'returned' from seeing this movie and I have to admit that I am at a loss as to what to do next. Of course, I called my brother and my roommate right away to share my news. Once the obligatory gloating phonecalls were finished however, I found myself dumbfounded. Dazed and confused as it were.
In plain English, I must say that the reason I cannot decide what to do next is because I am still in shock. Not the kind of shock that would result from an ill-placed bullet to the groin from your nemesis. Nor the type of shock resulting from seeing your wife run off with the local preacher while whistling your wedding song. Nay, my friends, the shock I am in is the kind that can only come from having just witnessed the greatest movie event of all time. Perhaps I could better describe this movie by saying that my DVD collection just barely escaped a toss from my second-story window. Now, my collection is not some old, jaded, dust-gathering stack of polymer. Instead, I have the best of the best. They are well-worn and well-watched movies. I am throwing them out. All of them. They are not worthy of any more discussion. They are not worthy of another glimpse. They are but garbage when compared with what I can only describe as the Middle-Earth juggernaut of accomplishment and excellence. Future endeavors will be ever-reminded of what movies can be: that is, what movies should be. Please, friends. Stop reading my review. Stop wasting your time. Stop stop stop. Just drive to the theater now and join the phenomenon that is about to engulf your community and swell you with a feeling that everyone but you has just seen the movie that will change the way we look at movie-making forever.
Well friends, I am off. I have finally decided what to do next. Leave my woman. Quit my job. Abondon my apartment and begin living in the theater so I don't waste another moment of my life on this Middle-Earth.


On : 12/22/2003 2:43:36 PM will (www) said:
I think you just violated that mans rights.