Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I just saw the Backstreet Boys on Oprah. Man, that brings back so many memories for me. I loved them so much. The first American concert I ever went to was theirs. They were my favorite group. I even made a website for them back in the day. I got my Philosophy Term Paper back. I got an A! More precisely 114/116 points. And I got a 9/10 on my Extra Credit paper that he said he would give me a 6/10 on. That means I'll have an A in the class. Yea! Unfortunately, I got a 74 on the Genetics Final, meaning I have a C+. If he curves the class grade, I have a shot at a B-. Please, please, please! Readers, if my blog does not fully satisfy your needs, there is a new one in town. Allow me to refer you to Ben's Blog. It comes highly recommended and features comments by yours truly. Please visit and support Blog Brother Ben.

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