Monday, December 01, 2003

Ohmigosh, guys, that test was so hard! I sat down and answered the first two pages w/ no problem. Then I started page 3 and I couldn't answer any of it. So I skipped it and went to page 4 and I didn't know anything. So I went to page 5 and I sort of knew half of it. Then I went to page 6 and answered all of it with no problem. Then I looked at the bonus and thought, "This is organic chemistry. Why is there a biology/biochemistry question on here?" I swear, he put two questions on there that were from other chapters, not the ones meant to be covered on the test. Then he put stuff on there that he specifically said was not going to be on there and did not put stuff that he said was going to be on there. The test was mostly Ch. 10, which he spent two days on, instead of Ch. 8 and 9, which he spent two weeks on. OK, this makes no sense. The whole test I was thinking, "The Carribbean's nice. I think I'll go to med school there. Or better yet, I'll just be a housewife. You don't need to know O-Chem to be a housewife. " Gosh, y'all, I left that test and I swear I was gonna barf. I sacrificed my Thanksgiving holiday and my sleep. What more can I give? AAAHHH, when will this all end!

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