Saturday, January 03, 2004

Last night a dreamt that a certain someone was in my house while I was the only one at home. We spent the afternoon watching TV while I sat anxiously wondering what my mom would say when she got home. When she did get home, I ran up to meet her and the first thing she said was, "Well, is he cute?". I explained to her who he was and that we were only watching TV. Then she said, "That's okay. You're grown up now, but I'd rather you did not bring him in the house until I had met him first." OK, this moment of deep understanding must of shattered my universe because I woke up right when she said that.

The funny thing about my dreams is that I'm just as self-restricting in them as I am in real life. You'd think I would have done more with this guy than watch TV. We could have gone to the movies, had lunch, or even flown around the world (it's a dream, remember). There would have been absolutely no consequences for my actions. Talk about frustration.

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