Saturday, January 24, 2004

My sister took her SAT today and thinks she did pretty well. She already knows what college she wants to go to, and she actually took the SAT there today. While she was taking the test, my mom and I had breakfast at Denny's where I surprisingly found hairs in my paincakes. They were actually baked into the batter. It was so disgusting that I lost my appetite. I have a lot of things due the first week of February, so I'm trying to get as much done now as I can. I've completed my lab report and hopefully I'll finish my English paraphrase and paper before Friday. I want to devote the weekend of 01/31-02/01 to studying for the O Chem test that Wednesday and the Cell Bio and Psyc tests that Friday. That means staying on top of things now so that I don't get overwhelmed.


On : 1/25/2004 11:06:02 AM gp (www) said:
thats what you get for going to denny's