Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Today was my first day of working at the hospital during this school term and the first Tuesday I've been on campus since last May. I liked seeing the people I missed yesterday and the general lounge talk. We tossed a few pop culture references around the room with a couple "Who/What's that?" that made me cringe. I just don't like explaining that kind of stuff. It's like having someone ask you, "Who's Elvis?". How can you expain that in less than 30 seconds? I expected the class that I TA to be really short today and it was...for the students. The TAs had to stay an extra hour. I spent it writing all the students' names in the grade book. Busywork alert! All I could think about was how my feet and back hurt from working that morning and how I wanted to go home. Well, now I'm here and ready to read some Romantic poetry before Gilmore Girls starts.

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