Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Gene Pool Needs Some Chlorine
Isn't that the best title ever? I was just thinking, am I the only one who gets elated when I talk to my friends? I mean, not all my friends, but there are a few that I'm always really happy to talk to and that I feel sad when I have to stop talking to them, yet satisfied with the fact that I did talk to them. I'm an affectionate person; I don't know what that has to do with anything, but it could be "transference". Oh man, I'm using that word incorrectly. I hate that. OK, how about this: I'm "sublimating" something else into affection for my friends. Does that make sense? Maybe affection is the wrong word. I care about them and I'm excited when I talk to them, but it has nothing to do the romantic connotations associated with affection...or does it? Hmm... Ech, now I sound creepy, like I'm in love with my friends. OK, go study semiotics to understand my frustration. Do any of y'all have experience with this?

On : 4/27/2004 11:47:10 PM Omair (www) said:

ooh. first of all, that is THE coolest title i've ever seen in a loong time. its hilarious yet still crisp.

affection for your friends? i don't see anything wrong with that. there doesn't have to be a romantic connotation with affection unless you want there to be. but neurolinguistics states (btw, that's what i'd love to get my phd in) that we associate affection with love because of previous connections we've made in our life. its like chaining the two together, so the next time we hear the word, out of context, it feels weird, we have to readjust and then move on. does that make sense? i dunno

btw, what category do i fall in to?

On : 4/28/2004 12:09:57 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Omair, this was actually spawned by a conversation that I had with you. At the time, I told you what category you fell into, and I still consider you to be in that category.