Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hmm, what did I do today? At work, I got to see pictures taken during a colonoscopy, like of the intestines etc. It was pretty cool and got me excited about anatomy. Can you believe it's been 2 years since I've seen the inside of an organism? Hopefully, I'll get to take Anatomy and Physiology at CCCC next year. I miss dissections and that's all you do in the lab. Some of my fondest memories are skinning the cat, scraping out its fat, and giving it a vasectomy. Ah, the good old days. Here kitty, kitty...
I watched Will and Grace today just to see J. Lo guest star. I'm not a fan of the show; I only saw it once before and that's because Matt Damon guest starred. I remember a time when my goal in life was to become Jennifer Lopez. Then she had to go and steal my man, Mr. Ben AFLAC (haha, that joke never gets old.) The thing was that they were my favorite celebrities independent of each other, but when they got together my celebrity world crashed to the ground, and I waited for the inevitable break up, but it took so damn long. The Jenny from the Block video just made me sick, the part where he kisses her ass and takes off her bikini top: gross!, ewww! The longer Bennifer went on the more fed-up I got with the both of them. The sight of either of them made me sick. The best part in tonight's Will and Grace was when Jack kicks J. Lo in the ass during their dance routine and then gets stuck in her crotch. Classic! Man, all this Lopez talk makes me want some tacos.

On : 4/30/2004 3:25:08 PM Jenny (www) said:

you care me! Skinning cats! Run away Fluffy!!!

On : 4/30/2004 3:32:15 PM prettydoc (www) said:

HAHA! In good conscience, the cats were already dead when I got to them.

On : 4/30/2004 8:45:04 PM Jenny (www) said:

Lies! I know you get some sadistic pleasure out of killing the with your bare hands! Savage! (LMAO, you know ii'm messing wiht ya! )