Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Last night Fox 4 News did a special story on blogging that featured Blogger and included the famous blog, diary of a london call girl. Yesterday was my last day of school. It was bittersweet. I'm gonna miss the lounge and walking to classes w/ my friends and my Brit Lit 2 class. My Brit Lit professor came in and looked at the newspaper and said, "Oh, Estee Lauder died. She was 97." I was like, that's so cute! Once again, that crazy kid in our class came in the room and hit him hard twice on the back. OK, rule #1: Don't hit the teacher! So then the student said, "What's up, man?" and my professor said, "What's up with you...dude?" It was classic! Then the guy started talking about how he's just naturally happy b/c he's "high on life" and that even though he's probably gonna fail this class he's still happy. At which point, I mouthed my friend in the class, "He must have a rich daddy. That would make me happy too." Then I said, "Golly gee" out loud and my professor chuckled. He's so cute, I'm going to miss him. At least I'm taking Brit Lit 1 in the fall with him. Man, with all the nice things I'm saying about him he better give me an A. I registered for my UTD class today! All systems go.

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