Tuesday, April 06, 2004

So I went to work, which was fine. Then I head to school, where it was "East Asia meets South Asia" day. My coworker that I drive to school wanted to check it out so we headed over there. She's a member of the Indian Student Association, so she knew most of the people there. There was this guy at the ISA talent show that everybody thought was really hot, and he was at the India booth today! I was like, omg what a hottie! He looks like David Ackert, who I think is a beautiful man. Then, my coworker told me that he's a junior and Muslim and I was like, ooh, this is getting better and better. Hehe. So then my friend and I headed to lab to TA. One of our students came up to us along the way and said, "Haven't you heard? The professor is sick, so all labs are canceled this week. There's a note on the door." Since the student was trustworthy (there's a certain somebody in there that I don't trust at all), my friend and I were pretty glad to be off the hook and headed home. I took Central, which was scary, and I never want to do it again. From now on, Hillcrest or Preston, baby!

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