Sunday, April 25, 2004

Yesterday I completed my Airman essay and started my As You Like It, where I critique a literary critique (confusing, ain't it?). Tomorrow's the day when I turn them both in and take my last Developmental Psych test (no final, yay!). Last night I watched Almost Famous. It was a nice movie. I thought it would be all trippy and give me a headache, but it wasn't like that at all. The kid in it played really well, as did Francis McDormand as his mom. But I'm not too sure if Kate Hudson deserved that Oscar nom. Then I went to Snuffer's. It just opened by my house, so I thought I'd check it out. As a general rule, I order my steaks medium well and my burgers medium. Well, at Snuffer's the default is medium rare, so I asked for mine medium, while the rest of my family ordered it well done. My dad started talking to me about how I should have ordered well done, and I was like "whatever dad, I'm a rebel" (yes, that is the extent of my rebellion). Well, then my burger came, and it was BLEEDING! It was disgusting! So I sent it back and told them to cook it to well done. Of course, their well done was dry but at least I wasn't dying from E. Coli or Salmonella. So then I said, "You should always listen to your daddy," and that got a good laugh. So, Snuffer's isn't ranking that high on my list. But it is affordable and has a nice menu, so I may come again on my own. The best burger joint is still Fuddrucker's. Of course, the best burger that I've personally ever had is at the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, LA, but who wants to drive that far? When I came home I watched Reindeer Games, with my fiance Ben Affleck and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. It was a nice movie, very exciting, but does Charlize have to get naked in every movie? Isn't she pretty enough on her own? It's not exactly like the role called for it.

On : 4/25/2004 3:07:33 PM Will (www) said:

Medium well? you must hate flavor!
Why bother getting meat when you cook all the flavor out of it?
I am a rare/medium rare boy.

On : 4/25/2004 3:43:04 PM prettydoc (www) said:

When I'm a doctor, I will be happy to pump your stomach when you come in with E. Coli poisoning.

On : 4/25/2004 3:48:47 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Wow, this reminds me of a pseudo-racist Persian joke. Um, if anyone wants to hear it, they can ask me privately.

On : 4/25/2004 4:18:04 PM Will (www) said:

Live your life. Dont fear it.
Rare does not equate to e. coli. I have eaten them all my life as have scores of others I know; no sickness yet. Ah, flavor country!

On : 4/25/2004 4:29:51 PM Tiffany (www) said:

I thought Almost Famous was pretty good, just one of those movies I only want to see once though. Kate Hudson had a sweet character who didn't follow her own advice and got hurt in the process. I found it believable at the very least. There's just something very attractive about Billy Crudup.

On : 4/25/2004 5:57:00 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Hey, isn't Billy Crudup with Charlize Theron? I made a cinematic love connection!

On : 4/25/2004 9:07:49 PM Jenny (www) said:

I guess i have to agree with Will on this one Maryam, rare is best for flavour of the meat. Especially in a hamburger. I have even eatten british beef rare and have escaped e-coli and mad cow.

On : 4/25/2004 9:40:03 PM prettydoc (www) said:

EWWW, that's so gross!!!! Why is everyone so passionate about their beef? Well, passion is my middle name, so what am I talking about?

On : 4/26/2004 12:19:54 AM Omair (www) said:

so i'm casually reading maryam's blog. and i come across this phrase, "When I came home I watched Reindeer Games, with my fiance Ben Affleck and Oscar winner Charlize Theron." and i see the word fiance. oh boy, did i stop reading, sit up straight, and read the rest carefully.. haha, that was so funny on my side.

On : 4/26/2004 12:21:18 AM prettydoc (www) said:

haha, that is really funny! I want to make a T-shirt related to him in some way and wear it with pride...that is until someone laughs at me, at which point I will wear it in shame.

On : 4/26/2004 12:24:06 AM Omair (www) said:

awww poor maryam. no way, you're not like that. walk with your chin up and head tall. no shame! we're premed. we can't show any shame. so walk with pride. all the time!

head tall! but still be humble while you're at it.

On : 4/26/2004 12:25:08 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Yay, Omair! You sure do know how to give me confidence.

On : 4/26/2004 12:26:27 AM Omair (www) said:

heh; keep up the good work!