Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Yesterday was my last day to TA...ever! Triple WOOHOO!!!! The Persian guy in my class went from bugging me all semester to suddenly being my new best friend. I was like, Dude what's your deal? He was being really nice to me and then I found out why. He wanted me to overlook some missing pages on his lab report (yes, he was missing whole pages) in order to boost his grade. I was like, No way Jose! He, of course, got less friendly after that. Eh, who cares? Today was nice until I got my Cell Bio test back. Yes, it was the Spirit of 76, meaning of course that I got a 76. The class average was 79, which he was unexpicably happy about. That's not a good class average, but he was milking it like it was, thereby refusing a curve. Um, ok, now what am I supposed to do, genius? I'm gonna have to meet w/ him later and figure something out. BTW, any premeds reading this in the Dallas area: we're having an open house at work (Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas) to recruit new scribes. It's this Friday from 2-5 pm. Email me if you're interested in joining the team and I'll give you more details. Oh and Jenny, this Bud's for you! Question of the day: What could a guy do to keep himself busy while his family is shopping at Sam Moon on Harry Hines?

On : 4/14/2004 8:57:28 PM Will (www) said:

Ever? Whose going to be my Chemistry TA?

On : 4/14/2004 9:00:46 PM prettydoc (www) said:

I don't know if you're aware of this, but...Omair is going to be a Chem TA next semester!

On : 4/14/2004 9:19:52 PM gp (www) said:

79 class average is pretty damn good... the test average in my physics class is usually somewhere between 50-65.

this link is for will, since seems to be malfunctioning:

On : 4/14/2004 9:35:52 PM Will K (www) said:

Thanks pete, I liked that link so much I went back in time and posted it on my website two weeks ago!
DNS issues with server relocation. For the record.

On : 4/14/2004 9:36:24 PM Will K (www) said:

Omair will be more difficult than you. :P

On : 4/14/2004 10:12:10 PM Jenny (www) said:

Will and Omair! I'm going to loose my mind. Thanks for the lyrics Maryam, now i just ahve to find the song so i can listen to it! Damn me and my social retardation! Thank god i have the media wary friends i do.
PS loved the duet with you and gabbi. That should have been recorded for future blackmail!

On : 4/14/2004 10:25:05 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Oh honey, I'm proud of my mad rapping skillz fo shizzle.

On : 4/14/2004 10:30:09 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Although it would be really funny if I TAed w/ Omair and Will and Jenny were my students...and they were lab partners!

On : 4/15/2004 10:05:20 AM Jenny (www) said:

thank you for that thought maryam. like my nightmares weren't frightening enough! Now i have to think about Will and chem lab... many nights of explosions will now rack my sleeping mind!