Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Today was Middle Eastern day at my school, so we had some special guests: Bellydancers! They came all the way from...Hurst Recreation Center. No, none of these women were professionals or, incidentally, of MidEastern descent, but that doesn't mean they're bad. Let's give them a chance. So I did, and, well, while they weren't bad, they weren't particularly good either. They were 3 women, 3 overweight, older women. And yes, they decided that it was fine to expose their jelly, I mean bare midriff. They moved too slowly, as it appeared they were unable to keep up with the rhythm of the song. Their method of dance did not seem to come from a particular country. It turns out the style was "San Francisco" style, meaning some American thought she could make big bucks by conning housewives out of their dough and teaching them pseudo-stripping. At the end of their performance, they invited audience members to dance with them. I was fine where I was, but one of the girls organizing the event pulled my friend and I up to join in. I played along with the dancers, who were "teaching" me moves. They starting saying things like, "Wow, you're a natural. Are you sure you haven't done this before?" I just played the "beginner's luck" card. Everytime my friend and I tried to sneak away, that girl would pull us back in. Weirdo! We finally got away and got to go back w/ our other friends. It was time to go to class, but a new set of dancers arrived. One of them was an extremely hot young girl (she turned out to be 16). All the guys stared bug-eyed at this hottie in a Princess Jasmine costume, while we girls were debated whether or not her boobs were real. One of the guys said something really funny, but I'm not gonna embarrass him. I missed her show, but one of the guys later told me that she sucked so people started laughing at her, and she left. Haha, too bad I missed it.

On : 4/7/2004 6:26:16 PM diego (www) said:

Bug-eyed indeed. I still think there's no way she's 16. Like I said, "...wait, you didn't mention what I said so neither will I.

On : 4/7/2004 7:01:39 PM Will (www) said:
(i wish your comments allowed html)

On : 4/7/2004 9:02:46 PM prettydoc (www) said:

The one in the picture is a good size. Too bad the other dancers weren't like her. I'm sure she's more authentic as well.

On : 4/7/2004 9:58:02 PM Jenny (www) said:

hmmm vitamins.....
(sorry it was a classic moment today!)

On : 4/7/2004 10:01:58 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Definitely a classic. I wish I had my tape recorder!

On : 4/7/2004 11:26:13 PM Will (www) said:

She was ... not authentic. I think she doubled as our waitress.

On : 4/8/2004 9:26:20 PM diego (www) said:

vitamins indeed. chalk one up for me under "classic quotes".