Friday, April 02, 2004

Tonight I saw "Dirty Pretty Things." It was a great movie that describes events in the lives of multicultural immigrants in England. Audrey Tautou of Amelie fame plays a Turkish girl whose life is manipulated by the system in which she is trapped. I loved it. You should see it; I highly recommend it.

Today in class, someone asked my English prof what college he went to. He replied that he got his bachelor's at Princeton. Just as he had begun lecture, this guy in our class (known as the one who says constantly stupid comments, so everyone hates him) comes up behind the prof, hits him on the back twice, and sits down in front of me. The prof and the class were in shock. The prof continued (he's such a sweet guy) and the crazy student (who my friend said reeked of alcohol) kept making stupid comments in class. I think he's a history major (not that I'm saying that has anything to do with his intelligence) because he starting going off on the history of warfare in America. The thing was, we were talking about Ireland. What planet is he on? He started asking what words meant that had footnotes, and he was asking about words in poems that we were not discussing at the time. At one point the prof asked him a question and he said that he wasn't listening. Plus he kept laughing throughout class. Finally, as we're about to leave, the guy asks, "Prof, how do you know all this stuff? Do you have a cheat sheet that comes with your textbook?" The prof just stares at him and says, "I have a Ph.D." Damn, this guy is psycho. My prof is actually he really cool guy who doesn't deserve that at all. He's even written a book.

On : 4/3/2004 3:20:00 AM Will (www) said:

I am sorry, but that was far to much usage of the word "prof". I've over looked it in the past but please use the correct form. The same way you dont use "u" and "r" please dont use "prof". Try saying it aloud, it just doesnt work.

On : 4/3/2004 11:40:22 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Actually, my Cell Bio teacher says "prof" all the time. And in French class, we always called our teacher la prof. It may be more of a regional thing. I'm trying to be more accurate and get away from saying teacher, esp. in my Farsi. I want to sound more authentic.

On : 4/3/2004 12:58:58 PM Will (www) said:

As opposed to "teacher" with seems almost like an insult at this level, I suggest a revolutionary new word, professor. :P
prof is indeed a word, in French. But in every other language it seems to be a titular abbriviation, like Mrs or Mr.. So in order to continue using it (properly) you would need to preceed a persons name with it. Of course you could always update in french and then I couldnt argue the point any further.
Otherwise, help stop the destruction of the english language. its these grey areas between ebonics and english that are most dangerous, since people dont even think about what they are saying,.

btw, thanks for the heads up on dirty pretty things, looks very promising.

On : 4/3/2004 2:16:26 PM prettydoc (www) said:

It's a great movie. I think you'll enjoy it.

On : 4/3/2004 7:57:16 PM prettyface (www) said:

"btw, thanks..."

Uh, you were saying?

On : 4/4/2004 3:24:21 AM Will (www) said:

i was conceding a little ground in order to placate you, so as to let you know i was not "angry". It was intentional, of course.

On : 4/4/2004 10:27:12 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Point taken and duly noted. My sister posted that.